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thepope1842's Journal

13 October
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, 1039/smoothed out slappy hours, 4-wheeling, 89x, ac/dc, afi, aim, alkaline trio, american idiot, band, basketcase, being different, billie joe armstrong, blink 182, blood, books, boulevard of broken dreams, bowling for soup, boys, burning things, butcher, candy, cats, cds, cheese, christian music, church, clothes, coffee, concerts, confidential confessions, corevettes, creed, depression, dominated love slave, dookie, dreams, eating, emo, euchre, fall out boy, family guy, fight club, fire, flute, food, frank edwin wright iii, friends, god, good charlotte, green day, guitars, gum, guys, hair dye, hawthorne heights, heidi lynn, hitchin a ride, holiday, hot pink, hugs, insomniac, international superhits, jack skellington, jazz, jesus, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, jokes, jones soda, kerplunk!, king for a day, kiss, kisses, laughing, led zeppelin, love, mall, marching band, mercyme, metallica, mike dirnt, mountain dew, mountain dew pitch black, movies, mr. brightside, music, music videos, my chemical romance, night, nimrod., nirvana, orlando bloom, parties, phantom of the opera, photographs, piano, piccolo, pictures, pirates of the caribbean, punk, rain, ramen, randomness, reading, relient k, rock, rock n roll, roses, scary movies, seinfeld, shenanigans, shoes, shopping, singing, sleep, slurpees, snow, spongebob squarepants, starburst, stars, storms, straylight run, subway, sum 41, summer, sunglasses, sunsets, taco bell, tacos, taking pictures, talking, tears, the blues brothers, the clash, the cure, the doors, the killers, the sex pistols, the simpsons, the used, thunderstorms, tim burton movies, trapt, tre cool, vans warped tour, warning, watching movies, welcome to paradise,